Flashy lights, smooth shadows, breezy air, dirty dust, shimmering caustics, unrelenting gravity. All of the above and many more phenomena support each other in the making our universe detailed and uniquely marvelous. We strive to prevent any of these phenomena from escaping our attention while creating our stunning, life-like world.

Traditional camera
  • 170,000 balls in the ad
  • 23 people in camera department alone
  • only one chance to get particular shot
  • permits to close streets: required
  • we can drop from 20,000 to 300,000 balls according to our needs
  • small team of dedicated CGI enthusiasts
  • complete freedom in camera positioning, composition, time of the day, atmospheric conditions
  • no permission required (we can rearrange Queen's wardrobe if you so desire;)
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Balls galore

As you can see, there is an abundance of our precious balls in this one shot. Around 100,000. What we love about our friend Houdini is his ability to smoothly render them in a viewport. We often scrub through the simulation to check if the feel of the whole movement is right. It allows us to quickly make changes and go onto the next phase.

Vray shaders

blend, composite, mix

You like details, the translucent rubber ball action, those worn jeans, juicy leaves or dirty streets, don’t you? Yummy! We could almost lick It. This is all thanks to our beloved V-Ray Shader. His ability to mix, blend and render textures is second to none. It’s extremely flexible and the final result always leaves the spectator’s jaws on the floor.

Houdini nodes

Houdini in action

Yep, you read it right, he’s alive and still performs the best magic tricks in the industry. Nicely chopped grids & previously modeled geos are imported & laid down in our network view, then we season them with the proper physical attributes in the DOP network and we bake them… Oooooohhhhhh so spicy! Simulations are so rewarding (you can be sure we’re cooking at least one at this very moment).

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